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Bill GatesUnfollow
Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests.

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Oprah WinfreyUnfollow

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It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app

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Virat KohliUnfollow
The Official twitter account of Virat Kohli, Indian cricketer, gamer, car lover, loves soccer and an enthusiast.

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Sachin TendulkarUnfollow
Proud Indian

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Elon MuskUnfollow

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Hillary ClintonUnfollow
2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x2, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.

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Shawn MendesUnfollow

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Leonardo DiCaprioUnfollow
Actor and Environmentalist

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Virender SehwagUnfollow
Proud Indian | For commercial queries, call Amritanshu +91 9873690935 | For Sehwag International School, call +91 9711188700

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Suresh RainaUnfollow
Professional Cricketer India!

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Official Twitter account of, homepage for the world's business leaders.

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J.K. RowlingUnfollow
Writer, sometimes known as Robert Galbraith

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Rohit SharmaUnfollow

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Actor...who loves to make ppl laugh... Official contact :- [email protected]

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Stephen FryUnfollow
How can I tell you what I think until I’ve heard what I’m going to say?

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Richard BransonUnfollow
Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin!

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Michelle ObamaUnfollow
Girl from the South Side and former First Lady. Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief.

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Mindy KalingUnfollow
Indian, Slytherin, and I grew up in Boston.

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Know what's real.

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Victoria's SecretUnfollow
Confidence is sexy. #WearItDaily

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TED TalksUnfollow
TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. Sign up for TED Recommends and get the perfect TED Talks, selected just for you:

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Bill MaherUnfollow
The Official Bill Maher Twitter

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christine teigenUnfollow
de-motivational speaker

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Serena WilliamsUnfollow
Living, Loving, and working to help you.

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Aziz AnsariUnfollow
Pasta lover. I don't tweet much. My new Netflix series Master of None is now streaming on Netflix. I wrote a book called Modern Romance.

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Chris EvansUnfollow

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Carly Rae JepsenUnfollow
New album #Dedicated out May 17 #TheDedicatedTour this Summer

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TechCrunch is excited to announce our new membership program, Extra Crunch. Start your free trial at

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Mashable is for superfans. We're not for the casually curious. Obsess with us.

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Rachel Maddow MSNBCUnfollow
I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)

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Ashwin RavichandranUnfollow
Professional cricketer - represent the Indian cricket team,Tamil Nadu and Kings 11 Punjab. Sarcasm and optimism myforte. rashwin99

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Harbhajan TurbanatorUnfollow
Proud father to a princess, Indian Cricketer. Facebook: Instagram:

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Bernie SandersUnfollow
U.S. Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States.

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Gautam GambhirUnfollow
Father. (Former) Cricketer. Patriot. Have any business related query, please mail on [email protected]

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Bernie SandersUnfollow
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.

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SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft

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Grab life by the globe!

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Your Only Source For Professional Dog Ratings Instagram and Facebook ➪ WeRateDogs [email protected]

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Social media news and tips from the world’s most widely used social relationship platform. Sign up for free: Support: @Hootsuite_Help

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Mark CubanUnfollow
#DallasStrong. insta:mcuban snap:mcuban DustMessaging: blogmaverick everything else

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Just Do It.

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Marvel EntertainmentUnfollow
The official Twitter for Marvel comics, movies, games, and more.

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Sorry For Party Rocking..... Ya B*tch!!

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Ketika Perbincangan Dimulai | [email protected] | Jernih Melihat Dunia

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Michael MooreUnfollow
My new film, FAHRENHEIT 11/9, is now STREAMING on AMAZON PRIME. “One of the 10 Best Movies of the Year!” - New York mag. A NY Times Critics Pick. Also on iTunes

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Twitter SupportUnfollow
Your official source for Twitter Support. We're available 24/7 via Direct Message to answer account questions. Follow us for tips, tricks, and announcements.

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John CleeseUnfollow
Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and am performing the silly walk in my new app

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Lord SugarUnfollow
Chairman of Amshold Group, owner of @Amscreen and Amsprop.

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