What is FlitterNinja?
FlitterNinja is a tool to help you manage your Twitter audience. Once you're logged in, you can follow back people who follow you, unfollow people you follow, and like and retweet content directly from this site. For a step-by-step tutorial, view the Getting Started Guide.

What can FlitterNinja tell me about my Twitter audience?
FlitterNinja makes it easy to identify "high-value" and "low-value" Twitter users in your audience. (We know it sounds brutal, but bear with us!) In a broad sense, a high-value user is someone with a lot of followers. (Think of it like this: when a high-value user retweets your content, it is seen by more people than when a low-value user retweets your content.)

When a high-value user follows you, it's a great idea to follow him or her back - this makes it less likely that the high-value user will unfollow you in the future. FlitterNinja makes it easy to find out which of your high-value followers you're not following back. Once you're logged in, just click on Followers, and then sort by "Users with the most followers first". FlitterNinja returns a list of your followers whom you do not follow back, starting with your highest-value follower. You can then follow any of these users directly from FlitterNinja.

The same concept can be applied to the users you're following. If you're trying to pare down the number of people you follow, low-value users who are not following you back can be good candidates for unfollowing.

I've unfollowed some people through FlitterNinja, but the site still lists them among the people I follow. What's going on?
The free version of FlitterNinja updates all of your data once every 24 hours, so follows and unfollows that you make through FlitterNinja today will show up in FlitterNinja tomorrow. (All follows and unfollows made through FlitterNinja are immediately reflected on Twitter, though.) A pro version of FlitterNinja will be coming soon, and it will provide users with the ability to update their data immediately on this site.

What's the difference between "Followers" and "Following"?
FlitterNinja treats "Followers" and "Following" the same way Twitter does. "Followers" are Twitter users who follow you. "Following" refers to Twitter users whom you follow. The ideal Twitter relationship is one of mutual following, i.e. you follow John, and John follows you back.

How many followers does FlitterNinja show me?
The free version of FlitterNinja shows you 50 of your followers (or 50 of the people you're following, depending on which part of the site you're using). For example, let's say you've sorted your followers by their number of followers, from largest number of followers to smallest number of followers. FlitterNinja sorts all of your followers, and then returns the top 50. A pro version of FlitterNinja will be coming soon, with the ability to view all of the Twitter users to whom you're connected.